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1995? I think .... gets all blurry when your you're Beta Testing, trying to test, but not get killed - Hah! My "JD" is the descripton name I used for a short time (at the Bungie "Archives"), then stopped any identifying 'handle'. Met Claude Errera & Borzz, Richard Dierkes .... oh, The Battlecat of course, so many excellent folks ... And Claude tells me he has these Archives, full 'o maps .... and No Descriptions! I'm a newby to Marathon, and I think: "Let Me At 'Em!" My God! It was so long ago .... I still play! Bad Day/Play! Bored/Play! There's always those Really Hard scenarios. I mentioned that I just couldn't complete "whatever" and the "CAT" sez .... "oh hey, we ALL complete them! All the Time! " Yeah, riiiight! Tested Rubicon, so glad to see it's still a 'conversation' piece! Hardest work, "map-makers"!

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