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"I am Durandal. Lord of all hell! I need you to kill everything on this stupid small level and then cut some circuits and then teleport up to a Pfhor ship and then take a bath in alien goo and then slap yourself in the face and then kiss the Battle Group Seven leader in the tushi and then kill 5,000 juggernaughts on Total Carnage with only 1 fist and then commit suicide and then reincarnate and do all of this again and then go into a statis chamber for 120,999,999 years and then wake up on an unknown planet on an unkown galaxy in a time when humans are exctinct and then kill all of the nasty aliens on the planet and then do something to Marathon 2 to cause a fatal error that kills everyone on earth. Good luck, and don't return to this computer, go to Tycho's computer. Bye!"

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