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Also found in various parts as BobBQ.
Formerly found on this forum as KillJoy.

Two is company, three is Bob-Jam.

We pledge that our games will effectively help people avoid work, put their personal lives in stasis, and test their self-esteem to the core. And afterwards, they will swear it was worth it.

--The Bungie Motto.

But don't fret! A sense of humor can be revived with the right kind of care. Print out the following list and tape it up someplace where you'll see it every day. Meditate on these phrases whenever the opportunity presents itself, and you should be laughing like an idiot in no time:

President Bootsy Collins
Amish Coke Dealers
"Two Weeks"
MC Hammer
People Who Speak In Klingon
Beef Stick
"I Criticizes With A Concern For Adolescent Mental Health And Social Responsibility."
Rational Usenet Discussion
The Dog From The Taco Bell Commercials Nailed To A Tree With A Railroad Spike

--The Bungie Webmaster

In Case of Pfhire, Break Glass.

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