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Re: New(?) Trick on Two Betrayals
Posted By: Louis Wu <>Date: 9/14/02 5:07 p.m.

In Response To: Re: New(?) Trick on Two Betrayals (Halo-Wannabe)

: In case nobody's gotten around to recording this yet, I'm uploading a movie
: to HBO, called "twobetrayalsdoor.mpg", a 33 MB file. It shows
: the main points of Rum'gor's description... just in case no one (aka
: FrogBlast) has made a movie yet... because I haven't seen any mention of
: one yet. If it's been documented, then I apologize.

Sorry - I didn't get back to the forum until just now. :(

There's a 5 mb version on some ftp space here which shows the double-click, killling the two enemies right outside the door (incredibly awkwardly - never try to play halo and discuss dinner plans with your wife at the same time), a quick runthrough of some enemy-less area, and the 'retriggering' of the baddies by hitting the door AGAIN.

I'll look at H-W's version, and if it's substantially better (an easy possibility ;) ), I'll rip that one to .mov format, and dump it in the same place.

Back soon.

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