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Most Recent Post: 3/30/04 9:33 p.m.

I have been a loyal Bungie fan since the Old Days, before even the release of the full version of Marathon 1; I fell in love with bungie when I first played the Marathon 1 demo.

I train to be an historian, and I truly love the subject even though I sometimes find it to be rather masochistic.

I was brought up in a home with two noted and respected authors, in an environment where Literature was always adored, and improper uses of the English language could easily produce a tongue-lashing, or more.

I do my absolute upmost not hold prejudice or practice bigotry; I attempt to never utilize stereotypes in my thought or words, written or spoken. I firmly believe that a person should not be judged on what others might say they are, but who they actually are. If I must judge, I judge on a person-to-person basis alone.

I do not fit into the traditional American political spectrum.

I appreciate art, written, visual, audible, tactile, and otherwise. Good art is sweet; great art speaks directly to the soul.

I have my own opinions.

My past you may not know, for it is my own.

I often find solace in the comfort and happiness of others, and I work to create it for those whom I believe to deserve it.

I am human.

I believe that liberty and freedom must be preserved for every person, up to the point where the use of that liberty and freedom causes harm, in any form, to another.

I believe that accidents happen.

I am willing to accept what life gives me, I acknowledge that I sometimes cannot change it, and that it is sometimes best for myself and/or others that I do not try to change it. (C'est la vie.)

I know that the hills have no name, the wind no thought, the sea no emotion, and the stone no sentiment. I know that humans like myself will ever continue to paint thought, emotion, care, and more onto unliving things as they want, and I think I understand why.

I work nigh constantly to better myself.

I accept criticism, and the consequences for my mistakes as I am able to do so.

I believe that to work against the continued survival of the human race is a crime, and to actively pursue its destruction is a secular sin.

I appreciate diversity.

I am agnostic. Know what this means, and then double-check that knowledge before you attempt to judge or engage me based on that fact. I believe that I cannot, at the least at this point in time, decypher as to whether or not there is any god which exists and that, at least for me, spirituality is a leap of faith.

I respect spirituality.

I believe in psychological and psychiatric therapy, just as I believe in physical therapy. I am not schizophrenic... yet. ;-)

I sometimes attempt to create humor. I often fail.

I want to witness quantum tunneling on a macro scale.

I want to witness a better world.

I believe that, so long as there are humans on this planet, there will be no perfect peace.

I believe that it is a worthy pursuit to work for peace between individual humans, groups of humans, and large groups of Humans, such as nations.

I have known pain, and death, and many things truly horrible, but I have also known joy, and some life, and many things truly wonderful.

I place value in personal privacy.

I am not the 'droid you're looking for.

I am able to understand some Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, a smattering of French and German, and a handful of words from the Asian languages. I do not know Swahili, but I know someone who does. I believe in the necessity of communication.

I highly value honesty in all its forms, clarity, intelligence, and wisdom, but I do not fault others for not having any of the above.

I do not watch television.

I recognize that no one can ever be summed up in words.

For all my virtues and faults, I am yet myself; I am what I am and who I am, and nothing more or less.

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