Now We Know Who's SEXIER!
Posted By: REBDate: 3/12/02 11:54 a.m.

I think it have been mentioned before that one of Doctor Who's companions was named Leela and that's possibly where Bungie got the name for the Marathon AI. Well, even if Bungie got the Leela name from another source, she's the only female bungie character that doesn't have an appearance. I like to think this is how a hologram of Leela would look like:


That image comes from the Doctor Who Image Archive - a must stop for fans of the longest television series ever, like me! The URL for the Leela page is:


Konoko, eat your heart out!

BTW, if Bungie indeed took the name Leela from Dr. Who, does the M:TFL character The Watcher owns his name to this serie too? Leela and The Watcher, they both appeared during the Tom Barker years (the fourth Doctor, the most popular of the 8 doctors so far).

Also, if Cortana ask about me, you guys don't know nothing about me... (time to go back to the holodeck, he he!)

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Now We Know Who's SEXIER!REB 3/12/02 11:54 a.m.
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