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: WOW was Prime Target based on the M2 engine, i never knew that. that game is
: well it is ok but still very cool

You know, once I found a website with a bunch of mac demos from yesteryears. It seemed like a legal place, but the Prime Target demo turned out to be the full version! This is something hackers like to do frequently (mixing pirated sotware with demos to make it harder for the ISP to find out what's happenig). This site is still up and running, but I won't give the URL - not in this forum or via email, so don't bother asking me.

What I loved about this game is that you can go back to previous levels and the state of the world is recorded (you found dead bodies where they fell, ammo that you didn't take because you were full when you left that level, etc) just like Pathways, but the saved game file doesn't grow over 500 KB. The Prime Target engine can also do some things left out the Marathon engine: animated textures (like ZPC,) the mapping of textures greater than 128 x 128 pixels, and bullet marks/blood splashes on the walls. Besides you can jump and crouch, but - at least the copy I have- it doesn't run over 256 colors.

It's a shame MacSoft didn't released the Anvil/Forge equivalents used in this game - it would be cool to have a page on the Big House devoted to scenarios made for this game and Damage Inc.

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