Re: Bungie & B.org
Posted By: Claude ErreraDate: 5/30/01 10:32 a.m.

In Response To: Bungie & B.org (deranger)

: What is the connection between Bungie Studios and Bungie.org? How come Claude
: knows what he knows about these 7 glyphs? What are they even doing on the
: b.org site?
: Deranger

bungie.org is a fansite, run by fans, for fans, devoted to coverage of Bungie Studios games. It has no official connection to Bungie Studios.

I know what I know about the glyphs because I approved their creation and inclusion on the bungie.org front page in the first place.

They're there to provide intellectual stimulation to the visitors of our sites.

Bungie Studios has kindly helped out in making the solving of the puzzle worthwhile to true Bungie fans.

Does that make the situation a bit clearer?

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