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Posted By: ThomasDate: 5/27/01 8:17 a.m.

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I don't know, but perhaps looking pixel by pixel is the wrong approach. Hiding something on an almost microscopic level is more the hallmark of a programmer. An artist, or at least someone with artistic leanings, tends to be more flamboyant, more daring, and tends to hide things subtly in plain view.

There's always been something about that one alien "pull" switch (the P switch) that's bothered me. If you look closely at the active P switch, there's a very clear outline of the lower part of a B. Sure enough, to the left, the sort of yellow mucusy bind of the handle forms the very sharp "V" part of the M. The intervening period could be one of many letters, or no letters, and since I don't know Mark's middle initial I can't say.

Oh, if anyone is interested, one nice way to search the story page even if it doesn't have a search option is to go to Google, and put as one of the terms "site:marathon.bungie.org". It'll include the other pages as well, but of course most of the site is dominated by the story tome. Unfortunately the search does not always seem to be complete, but it's an imperfect world.

By this method I did not find any previous mention of this, though I'm _positive_ someone a few years ago remarked on this switch. (I don't know if they were talking about MB in particular.) Does anyone recall what I'm talking about?

Below is an image I worked up in Photoshop. Once it occurs to you that it's there, the MB really leaps out at you. However, I realize that I'm probably seeing something that's not really there... if we're to interpret the switch as hiding letters, I'm sure there are hundreds of different combinations of letters people could contrive from their own imaginations and paranoia.

Even though this is probably the wrong answer, maybe it'll be enough to give you some rest? :)

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