Marathon Shape Secrets
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 5/26/01 6:23 p.m.

Marathon Shape Name Easter Eggs:

Marathon 1:

Throughout the shapes, blood splash effects are referred to as splash, spot, and spark interchangeably.

The dual pistol sprites are named woo.idle and woo.action. Possibly a reference to John Woo; characters wielding two pistols are very common in his movies.

The S'pht Card Key found on Where Some Rarely Go in MI is in here, named I.D. card. There is a small gray object named electro buffer. cyberhead inter. is a miniature version of the HUD. The Alien Energy Converter is named electrosynth.

The S'pht collection is named "S'put", although I can't tell if this is in the file itself or a bug in my shapes reasder (MSI).

Objects on Marathon:
12 variations on pieces of paper, all named Barney meets Godzilla.

Objects on Pfhor Ship:
Remnants of hideous experiments: examination BOB and disected.BOB[sic]. The Alien Energy Converter reappears in this collection for some reason. Those spooky dormant Hunters are empty armor. orb is a small globe I don't recall seeing in the game. The mysterious eggs are named Pfhor dormant(?!) In addition to the Maratho visible out the windows, there is an unused Pfhor spaceship, slave transport.

Minion (Alien Leader):
There is a hit sequence named minion.spaz, but I don't think it is used in the game.

Marathon 2/Infinity: I seem to have lost my original Marathon 2 shapes file after upgrading M2 to use the MI application, which required that I transfer the M2 textures into an MI shapes file. So not all of these may be present in M2.

The tick's tentacle attack is tick.feeding.

Explosion Effects:
The sequence sequence on crack is a tribute to Anvil's bugs; even Bungie couldn't completely control it :). There is apparently a whole unused monster hidden in this collection: Pod firing, Pod Idle, and Pod Dead contain a small, well, pod that resembles the smaller Jjaro cieling light with no bulb. There is also a sequence Fodder Idle which is an upside-down version of Pod Idle

Don Pistola: Pistol
De Great Plasma Pistola: Fusion Pistol
Le Superior Assault Rifle: M-75B Battle Rifle
Pistola Ammo: Pistol clip
The Fine Plasma Cell: Fusion battery
Great Assault Ammo: AR bullets
Assault Grenade Enema: AR grenades
SpankDaddyo™: Missiles
invisibility, there jerky.: Invisibility biobus chip
Invincible. Ah, can't touch this: Supershield biobus chip
Mr. Spaceheater: Tozt
Gassage For De Heater: Napalm canister
Anti-Barney Particle Weapon: Alien Weapon
I'm blue, are you?: Hypervision biobus chip
Trip-O-Vision™: Extravision biobus chip
The Lost Zip Disk: Uplink chip
Dor Ky: S'pht ID Card
The Ventilator: WSTE-M Combat Shotgun
Ventilator Ammo: Shotgun shells
x1/x2/x3 energy: Shield powerups
Air! I need Air!: Oxygen canister
Superthrust 9000™ Ammo: SMG clips
Superthrust 9000™: KKV-7 SMG

The Potato Anus (apparently everyone has been incorrect in calling it a Potatoanus) has Potato Anus.IDLE, Potato Anus.MOVING, potato anus.moves2, and Potato Dead. Grendel has Grendel.IDLE and Grendel.PLAYING (and Grendel Dead, but it's the same sprites). The flying invisible squid is Mothrid.IDLE&MOVING.

Scenery 1 (water):
water filtration device is the paddlewheel seen at the bottom of many pools in M2. One particular puddle of gore is BOB remains. The thing that looks vaguely like a trash can is Port Secr Mon(Port Security Monitor?), and the Alien Trashcan is really named Alien Supply Can. There is also the animated scenery Machine block and Machine block.broken, which is seemingly identical to the working version.

Scenery 2(lava):
An unused green thing is named probe camera. The mysterious thingies seen in some of MI's dream levels are Sculpture Block, Scuplture Block 2, and Sculpture blob.

Scenery 3 (sewage):
The accidentally animated alien trashcan is named Alien Container here, and brown instead of blue.

Scenery 4 (Jjaro):
The media splash sequences are named small ydnar splash™ and large ydnar splash. The Pfhor spaceship is named Juggernaut Ship.BIG (I would agree). There are a few unused shapes: Sun Small (a star) and Lh'owon(!), a planet. At the very end there is a (damaged?) sequence named WTF?, which uses the same sprites as the scenery item Divet Up.

All of the Cyborg's sequences have the prefix EC. Was the cyborg originally called something else?

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