Infinity Timelines Chart
Posted By: SiliconDream =PN=Date: 1/18/02 3:17 a.m.

Claude loves you all, so he offered to host the picture. It ain't pretty, but it's functional. I thought about representing the timeline jumps too, but I figured that would just obscure things. Lavender labels refer to events that happen on every timeline; red and green labels refer to events that occur in two different versions on different timelines.

Couple notes:

I've kept the manual timeline as a separate one, but I don't have strong evidence that it's not (as others have suggested) T2 or a variant of it.

I've listed T4 as a timeline where Durandal's core was pulled. A little while ago, we discussed whether perhaps his core was destroyed but his trap went off anyway in this timeline. But I don't think we were any more final about destroying his core here than in T1's Begging for Mercy. We mercy-killed him there too, but the Pfhor downloaded his data first. It seems likely to me that things went down simlarly in T4. This similarity would explain exactly how he broke out of Tycho's prison in T1 (a feat he was awfully coy about recounting); he "disgorged a thousand wriggling worms" into the S'pht consciousness, converting all the newly-arrived Compilers, who were probably then the agents of his escape.

There's no obvious single point of divergence between T3 and T 4/5. In T3, you manage to activate Thoth before Tycho sends you to kill Durandal; in T 4/5, you don't. Also, Tycho attacks Durandal earlier (relative to the arrival of BG7) in T3 than in T 4/5. So it would appear that the point of divergence was some minor event which put Tycho a little behind schedule in T4/5; he and you most likely tried to do all the same stuff, but did it a little later than in T3. Hence my speculation that the early parts of T4/5 just after the branching point are very similar to the same time period of T3.

Enjoy. If anything major's wrong, let me know and I'll fix it.


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