Who have I ever been?
Posted By: MCDDate: 12/21/01 9:56 p.m.

In Response To: Who is Gheritt White? (Pfhor)

: Q: Do you see Bungie's work as a whole (from Minotaur and PID onwards) to be
: a continuous progression reflecting the same ideals and themes? Are there
: any primary influences that have been drawn upon for the bulk of Bungie's
: creative output; something profound that has somehow manifested itself in
: all of Bungie's incarnations?

: A: Wasn’t it obvious after Gheritt White, even if you missed it in Pathways?

Who indeed was Gheritt White? Or the soldier in PiD? (My chute didn't open?!)


I have been hero. [?Horza Bora Gorbuchul]

The link I have found is identity; a seeking for identity from a vague past. (A dark future; an uncertain past, perhaps?) In each case, you are unknown even to yourself, and while there is background here, it is not enough to crystalize. Perhaps because we so often wonder the same as well, this theme draws us and holds us. No one still plays Marathon for the engine; Quake had an arguably better one, know anyone who still plays it?

Were we Gheritt White? Maybe; maybe not. Were we Jjaro in part? How _did_ we survive the fall? A thread running through all these games...

I have been hero. Circumstances are cyclical.

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