I almost forgot - The Black Series!
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 12/21/01 8:31 p.m.

In Response To: Unsung Scenarios (Steve Levinson)

I haven't read much about this one anywhere, but the Black Series is an excelent 3rd party scenario. The story's wierd and the ending's a bit lame, but the game play is excellent and the level design is high-quality. Black includes one of the most difficult vacuum sequences anywhere - you start immediately after a sewage level in which you may have already depleted a bit of your O2, and have a very limited amount of time to traverse a space station, kill the bad guys, flip some switches, transport, kill some more bad guys, insert a chip and read a terminal before running out of O2. I know that this sounds like Acme Station, but there's no O2 to be found, nowhere to save and no room to evade. There are no cyborgs, but there are bad-ass troopers, and their grenades can reach you from elsewhere in the station. And that's just one level. There is also a possibility of taking two different paths at one point, and taking the wrong path has consequences - nothing as dire as in Fell, where you can finish the game with a negative outcome, but you may have to repeat an alternate version of an earlier level.

If you haven't played this one, download it today - you won't be disappointed.



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