Posted By: BachusDate: 12/19/01 12:00 a.m.

While searching for info on the book "Starhammer" by Christopher Rowley (mentioned in the new Jason Jones interview) I came across this page: http://leighkimmelbookstore.bizhosting.com/blyb/starhammer.html

It's a general overview of the book (with hefty spoilers) and I found this particularly interesting:

"A billion or so years ago Baraf was a wet jungle world, the home of a gentle froglike race of philosophers called the Wisdom Wishing. But they were menaced by the parasitic Vang, a terrible race that regarded all other organisms as either host or food. In a desperate attempt to protect themselves, the Wisdom folk built a device which imploded stars and caused them to go nova.

"However the Vang had already landed on their homeworld by the time they could put the device to work, so their entire civilization was doomed. They used their entire sun as reaction mass for some kind of time machine, throwing themselves into the unimaginable future where they hoped to find the Vang destroyed. The Starhammer continued to work after they were gone, destroying the suns of the Vang worlds."

Yet another book that could have potentially inspired Marathon. Of course, knowing my luck everyone here already knows about it, once again making me look like a fool for not reading the Story Page/Forum every single day.



Starhammer Review

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