What is this?!!
Posted By: JackeDate: 12/17/01 11:22 p.m.

I had a little inspiration, so I went over to archive.org and searched on doubleaught.com. Browsed what little web pages they had (lots of 404ing) and found this, hidden it would seem, had to look at the html source to see it:
:WindWalr> was talki
ng about greg 8P
:lilbuddha> w
hats doing ww?
:WindWalkr> not muc
h. waiting for people to come and talk and tell me what to do next
i> hey
:weirdboi> yeah ww: c
had arrived last night... i appologise for being incognito a bit
:weirdboi> it's been so bloody hot here..
:WindWalkr> hehe

i> ::sweating::

:WindWalkr> what's up over ther
e? chris got those movies working?
:weirdboi> chad i
s cool.
boi> seen braincase
:Trid> I last saw braincase on IRC at 6:41pm yesterday.
:weirdboi> chris is on a da
te.. :-) woohoo
:WindWalkr> hehe
fingers that he'll get some
:weirdboi> he could use it
lilbuddha is fixing the
web pages...
:weirdboi> brb
:WindWalkr> lil: what o
n earth is wrong with them?
they look kinda mangled
:lilbuddha> well, my ins
piration was a site called jodi.
org that uses errors in html t
o create interesting effects..
:lilbuddha> I'm into th
at kind of thing...
adjust them according to ever
yone's observations.
:WindWalkr> hehe
:lilbuddha> :)
a> ww: how big is
the du_shell window in pi
xels when in full screen?
:lilbuddha> sorry... rend
er window that is
:WindWalkr> full screen.
. uhh.
:WindWalkr> depends what res your screen is at
:lilbuddha> at 640
:lilbuddha> After
the web pages are all set..
ddha> i wan
t to get closer to finalizing the interface.
:lilbuddha> you still there ww?
:lilbuddha> have I stumped you?
lkr> there is 64 pixels of
text interface at the top, and 96 pixels of weapon interface at the bottom
uddha> ok
:lilbuddha> thanks.
:WindWalkr> the rest of the
is render window
/+o WindWa'
Mode +o
WindWalkr by
has signed off (brb)

has joined.
Mode +o WindWalkr by Trid
r> so, w
hat's up with ever
ything? wha
t do i n
eed to work on next?
:lilbuddha> Well,
I think that the n
ext thing should be hooking up the player animations to actual movements and keys...
But t
hat's my opi

Sorry about the formating, but I can't be arsed... Copy+paste...
Look at the left frame... http://web.archive.org/web/19990220213239/www.doubleaught.com/Infinity/index.html.

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