Halo Vidmaster, 'Thon Style
Posted By: Hippieman [B.Org]Date: 12/15/01 9:17 p.m.

Too all the 'Thoner's who got their hands on a Xbox and Halo, The holiday season is comming up, which means hopefully for you guys A) New Gadgets to wow members of the opposite sex with (Sike!) B) No school (w00t) C) No work (Double w00t) D) Egg Nogg (gotta love the Nogg).

So with all this free time, its time to give halo its just deserts and Vid it! True we can't record this (But if anyone wants to record it with a VCR, I'm sure we can use iMovie to make a nice presentation) but we can still play it, with the new Halo vidmaster rules (sack me if these have already been stated, I'm scared of halo.bungie.org):

"I pledge to press "X" on all switches, to never shoot when I could sneak up behind an enemy and smack the ba-jesus out of it or attach a plasma gernade and watch it scream in horror, to admit no level except Legondary, to never run when I could use a ghost/warthog/banshee/scorpian, and to never ever, ever, leave a single Fishing Bob alive"



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Halo Vidmaster, 'Thon StyleHippieman [B.Org] 12/15/01 9:17 p.m.
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     Here's My Settings...Pfhor 12/21/01 8:42 a.m.

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