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Posted By: Colin KawakamiDate: 12/15/01 12:34 a.m.

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what what what what
hot oil on your gut

This was only 6 years ago? My memories of Double Aught are 777 years old.


It shames me to say that I have lost touch with most of these people (and that I don't remember Frank Rook's nick).

There were nights when the earth's orbit poised on an longtitude's edge directly beneath the Double Aught offices, and I was able to see three seconds into the future. Those three seconds didn't spare me from a humiliating death at the hands of greg, or ydnar, or monkey, but there might have been a moment of hope, and a pause where I was struck with the absolute FUN.

But don't remember Double Aught... its Hamish who instructs the cabal.

...he's the real mystery.


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