PID and Halo? **Spoiler**
Posted By: amongmyselvesDate: 12/4/01 6:39 p.m.

We all know that Marathon and PID are linked by the Jjaro... and Halo fits too nicely into the Marathon universe for it to be denied. But, strangely enough, I think that I have noticed one potential link between Halo and PID. In Halo, within the building where you first run into the flood, there are a number of unique symbols above a few of the doors. One of them in particular seemed a little too familiar to me (as if from a dream...)

Now I only rented Halo so I can't confirm this exactly but... many of the floor symbols in PID (specifically the symbol underneath the "dreaming god"), look really similar to what I remembered the symbols in that Halo level looking like. Then again, this could just be my unsatisfied subconscious mind playing tricks on me... anyone care to confirm this? I looked all over pid.bungie.org for screenshots of the symbols in PID, but didn't find any. I bet Hamish knows where I can find some...

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PID and Halo? **Spoiler**amongmyselves 12/4/01 6:39 p.m.
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