Volunteers: Bagged Again
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 12/3/01 11:01 a.m.

Back on the surface the war is under way again, the war started by the Pfhor a thousand years ago. The S'pht'kr are back, and they are very angry. The facility you left has been bombed (or something), there's a lot of structural damage now. Fortunately, the terminals and pattern buffer still work.

The terminal is interesting... Tycho's last message to the Marine before he sends him off to face the souped-up Pfhor on YTYBT. He tells us about what we've done in vague terms, and mentions the great power we seem to wield now, and our doubt in ourselves and our rightness. Do you doubt that what you are doing is right? The Marine has been switching sides so much he's lost count, and he's killed Bobs as often as Pfhor in his quest to defuse the situation. Do the ends justify the means? How much does Tycho know anyway? From the mention of "what I cannot accept", he may have realized that the Marine has been under no one's control for some time now, and has become nearly as great a force in events as Tycho himself. Why can't Tycho accept this? Perhaps Tycho is the eternal enemy, the one who is not allowed to surrender or accept defeat. But Tycho still has the ability to move the Marine against his will, and the Marine still has to stop the W'rkncacnter. On to the Arena...

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