Volunteers: Strange Aeons
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 12/2/01 9:53 a.m.

Lh'owon is riddled with the Jjaro technology that makes up the ancient S'pht AI Thoth. His personality cells are scattered across the planet; we encountered 6 of them in Marathon 2 and 1 in MI (How many is that so far? :P) But at the critical location, the place indicated by the S'pht poem Durandal found, is this room. It features an unprecedented four personality cells, and a fifth area, with an uplink slot. How the S'pht knew that this day would come may never be known, but the Marine has something for Thoth and he has found the means to get it there.

You are dumped into a fairly large room full of Flick'ta and ambient life. This room, accessible only by teleporter, must not have been entered in millenia. We know the Flick'ta can extract energy directly from their environment; if the ambient life has similar abilities this place could be a completely closed ecosystem. The Flick'ta have a tendency to attack the ambients, perhaps this is a complete food chain.

The terminal is full of Thoth's usual rambling... The long sleep, the dark path, foresight. It's unclear how conscious Thoth is of current events, since how much Durandal manages to activate him varies between universes. Does this terminal mean he's mistaking us with a Jjaro? It would be reasonable, only the Jjaro ever had the kind of power the Marine is about to discover.

The only thing to do is to activate Thoth. Only one personality cell is available at a time, so you must activate them in the right sequence. But once you activate the last one, something is different... It's moving. And at the far end of the cell, there's a door, and a large room beyond it.

In the middle west pool in the main room is an uplink chip. Exactly how it got there is a story for another day :) (we may have to chalk this up to gameplay, since there was no way for the player to keep the chip through a Rebellion level). Then you just have to jump around in Thoth's brain until you reach the uplink point. Stick in the chip, and Thoth is finally completely alive. We'll never know exactly what Durandal and Thoth talked about, but when we get back to the terminal K'lia is returning, along with the legendary S'pht elder S'bhuth. Time to go back upstairs...

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