Marathon/Halo/trih xeem/W'rkncacnter (Spoilers)
Posted By: Hippieman [B.Org]Date: 11/30/01 10:19 a.m.


After too many runs through Halo and too many conversations about it I have come up with my take on what the frell is going on with the Halo.

The Forerunners are no Jjaro themselves, but machines built by them to look after the trih xeem. Aye Mak Sicur was built to terraform Lo'owon, but once it had accomplished its task, the trih xeem was built; a weapon used first in the universe to stop the W'rkncacnter by imprisoning them inside Lh'owon's sun. The Jjaro then vanished from our universe... Traveling out and away... but they left behind other races which they spawned. "In primordial space, timeless creatures made waves. These waves created us and the others. Waves were the battles, and the battles were waves." The Forerunners were still running the Jjaro stations which had been Folded and moved through space to locations to cover the entire universe as we know it. (The Jjaro live outside our universe, far enough it takes them 2 years to reach earth). The Flood were an accident perhaps, something not planned, but removal of them was easy it simply required the activation of the trih xeem. If the Jjaro terraformed one planet, its likely to think they did many, and some how they unlocked, or created the Flood, the trih xeem was activated and it destoryed all life. But how? It obviously works in a time altering manner. Which is why in Halo you are recgonized by the Spark, because you had atleast once activated Halo (and thus the trih xeem) but it didn't work right, or something went wrong, so you repeat it, over and over until you get it right, (Like the movie Groundhog Day). While the Halo dosnt' look like the statation Aye Mak Sicur, it is of the same build (they are both circular) http://www.marathon.org/hyperarchive/pictures/marapics/MapExporter/AyeMakMetal.jpg as its stated there are several instalations like the Halo in the Universe, but not nessecarialy clones of Halo.

OK now problems with what I said. Mostly its the Spark's lack of knowledge of "human history". This could be simply that he never leaves the Halo (After all if he is a machine he must follow his programming). Obviously the Jjaro have been monitoring Human activity as they warned us about a "Sleeping God" in PiD. So we must assume the Spark is cut off from the Jjaro, perhaps even abandoned as they have most likely given up concern for this universe as they have accended to a higher one.


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