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Posted By: Ernie TMBMDate: 11/29/01 5:07 a.m.

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"Moving right along, we find a chasm full of Flick'ta hurling poop at us. "

Lol, well Now I finally know what that stuff was...


-Ernie TMBM

: Random stranger-than-fiction moment: Guess how much my lunch cost today...

: I'm back in the demo again, but now they are all screaming at me... Poor
: Yorick is the second level in the MI demo. But this time, it looks very,
: very different thanks to the overhauled water textures and new, gorgeous
: L'howon sky. The textures look far more mechanical than they used to,
: which I think is a huge improvement (although even the Jjaro set doesn't
: come close to the industrial-metal look of Marathon 1). This level is
: featured in one of the demo films that MI plays if you leave it running;
: this film shows off some secrets we will get to later. It also features in
: an amusing film posted by Gary "the Battlecat" Simmons, entitled
: Gorbel Dacking .

: The first thing you will see upon entering this level is a river running
: around a bend, watched by Troopers. The terminal has a large ammo
: collection to give you, and some instructions on finding panels and
: smashing them. If you look down from the ledge, you will probably catch a
: glimpse of another new MI feature: Ambient life. The small blue animal
: before you is the Potato Anus; they are slow, harmless, and nearly
: indestructible. It is possible to kill them, but only at a very high ammo
: cost, and you'll need those grenades.

: This level is huge and very spread out, and it will take you several passes
: to complete. Use your M-75, the flamethrower, any Alien Weapon you brought
: with you from the previous level whenever possible, you should already be
: hoarding vacuum-enabled ammo for Acme Station and Post Naval Trauma. The
: Hunters are friendly (unless you shoot them), Troopers, Flick'ta, and
: Drones are not.

: Your first stop is at the western end of the level, past some more combat and
: up into a small room. In here is a few collections of ammo hidden in nooks
: and crannies, the M-75 in case you haven't found one yet, an extra pistol,
: and the second species of ambient life, a hopping creature called Grendel.
: A cool-looking piece of architecture contains a terminal and a pattern
: buffer. Nearby, a small slit in the wall can be opened to reveal a glowing
: light. What was this supposed to do originally? Don't forget to hit the
: nearby switch, it opens the rest of the path.

: Exiting the room, you are ambushed by Drones as you jump to the highest
: ledge. Diving into the water will cost you some time and inconvenience,
: but gives you some ammo and an oxygen canister hidden in the waterfall.
: Once you're back on the high path, head around the level back to the
: terminal, and then through it to the eastern area. Don't forget to check
: out the small ledge (accessible through the "lookout post") that
: used to hold some ammo in the MI demo, and the secret area that holds a
: pattern buffer, 2x health, some extra napalm, and the KKV-7 SMG,
: Infinity's new weapon. Don't use it yet, you'll need it in the vacuum of
: space. In this secret is also a set of untextured walls; watch the inside
: of the KKV's door as it descends.

: Eventually, you reach the eastern area. Beware of teleporting Troopers. The
: switch here opens a door in the western room with the M-75. But that's not
: all: Find the low pool near the pattern buffer (converted from a redundant
: terminal in the demo) and swim to the ledge beyond it. Head down the
: corridor and through the door at the end, then double back to pick up the
: shotgun that has teleported onto the ledge you just left. The best way to
: get back on track is to make a flying leap off the mid-river stairs (this
: is demonstrated in the included film) and head west.

: Back in the room, a door has opened that leads to the second half of the
: level. Take out the troopers, and look around. A nearby terminal offers
: more information about "the durable S'pht hardware". Mmm...
: durability. This terminal also reveals the location of the access point
: for the Carnage Break level Two for the Price of One. For some reason,
: that area of the level has no ambient sound. Oversight?

: Moving right along, we find a chasm full of Flick'ta hurling poop at us. Kill
: them (flame and grenades work well) and head on to an outdoor area where
: Hunters beat up on Troopers (on low difficulties ;) ). This general area
: is full of little cracks and windows which reveal vistas of earlier in the
: level. The Pfhor transmitter is here, patched into a pulsating thing near
: a small well or something (don't go diving, there's a Water Flick'ta and
: some sticky walls down there). Also nearby are two chip insertion points.
: Ideally, two players would have gone to Robot World Arena, each picked up
: a chip, brought them to here, and plugged them both in
: ("ideally" will be elaborated on later).

: Go back a bit and dive into the Flick'ta's chasm. This will lead you into an
: underground network of caves, full of Flick'ta. Clear them out and take
: the eastern exit for a fun optional area. In here is a terminal featuring
: a fairly major inconsistency ("Remember, the Enforcers are not
: vacuum-enabled"), some extra shotgun ammo, and a place to watch some
: Hunters literally shooting fish in a barrel. There's also a nook that lets
: you dive down to a pool near the second switch we pushed earlier in the
: level. If you jump in there, you can open a door which leads to the exit
: terminal for Two for the Price of One. However, doing that level would
: cost us Confound Delivery, so I won't. That level is not supposed to be
: accessible unless two players are present to plug chips into the sockets
: we found earlier, but a bug allows anyone to open it and waltz right in.

: Back through the other exit of the underground chamber is lots of other
: Flick'ta and the exit terminal, in a small blue room that also has a
: pattern buffer and used to contain a 1x health canister in the demo. Tycho
: tells us that the trap is set, and moves us to the next level. This
: terminal is cloned in the terminal near (not in) the western room we
: visited earlier. Also, the first terminal in the level now has some final
: instructions from Tycho to his troops, referring to you as "slave
: unit". Hmph.

: (P.S. My lunch cost $8.19 :P )

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