Marathon: Lest we forget the unsung heroes
Posted By: Ernie TMBMDate: 11/28/01 12:36 p.m.

In Response To: Marathon Infinity's Story (Tynskel)

Alight. Taking the Rants from above I have this to say:
Marathon 1: Great game. I had nothing to play but the demo for about 2 years before I bought all 3 games in the trilogy.
Marathon 2: Good in its own way, but felt more like pretty filler between the marathon games.
marathon Infinity: A phycotropic rampage through time-space-and-reality. I personally got frustrated as hell the first time around playing Minf. But coming back to the game (now being 17) I find its really quite interesting.

Now, as referring to the title of this post:
Lest we forget the unsung heroes:

I never see any posts or Story pages (yes i asked Hamish, he said he didn't have time) about how Marathon:Rubicon, Marathon:Evil, and Marathon: Red's storylines tie into Marathon(Bungie's 3 game trilogy).

After playing through this summer for the 2nd time M2, Minf, then for the 1st time Marathon:Rubicon... I was blown away.
I actually sat at my computer and stared at the screen long after the final image and music had stopped after I had beaten my way though the game. (Yes I mastered all the time lines... amazing stuff). A game so surreal... I liked it better (knowing the marathon storyline as any Marathongamerlayman would) than the REAL 3 marathon games made by Bungle.

As for Marathon: Evil I found interesting, but it had VERY VERY eerie riggings of the END of Marathon:TROJAN. With the same name of the ship disappearing into a spacial rift of some sort... very very mind blowing when its all taken into account.

And finally with my rant will end on Marathon:Red. A very different take on.. everything. How the whole game was structured, terminals, etc were so well done, I still wish Ian would follow up on his cryptic promise (in the readme I think) that said he would release a Marathon:Red #2 of sorts some time.

Well, If anyone would be able to setup a storypage that helps tie in all the *good* 3rd party sceneries storylines together with the Original trilogies (ESPECIALLY Marathon:Rubicon's...) I would be eternally grateful.


-Ernie TMBM

Wax Tadpoles...

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