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Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/28/01 9:38 a.m.

Reconciling this new universe with what's happened before will be a bit difficult. The Marine has managed to carry Durandal's "primal pattern" across universes with him, but the Tycho in this universe somehow knows this (it's unclear if the Pfhor do). One possible explanation is that, as we have seen before, events surrounding the W'rkncacnter crisis in the various universes all follow the same basic patterns, with only some minor details changed; Durandal being killed and resurrected seems to happen quite often. Perhaps Tycho suspects that we are carrying the pattern of Durandal from this universe, not knowing that the Marine actually came from another (which begs the question of the exact process by which the Marine enters and leaves universes, and what this looks like to outside observers, but that is beyond the scope of this post :) ).

We're in prison again, this time locked up with Tycho, who has been discovered messing with the Pfhor command structure; however I don't think that we are back in the very first universe we were sent to, on Rise Robot Rise. Our stint there ended when K'lia arrived in orbit, which usually takes place after Thoth is activated, and Durandal was still alive at the time, so I doubt that we were ever captured. Perhaps Tycho has always been stealing Pfhor troops for his personal vengeance, in every universe, and we never knew about this until he saw fit to tell us when we were working for him, but there's no real evidence for that. The only remaining possibility is that the Marine has returned to the same universe he just left, some time between Durandal's death and its failed ending in You're Wormfood Dude. This would have some interesting implications. The Marine is starting to be able to control his jumps, successfully leaping forward to YWD and back to here while staying in the same universe both times. Perhaps Thoth (if he's partly awake by now), or some other Jjaro, or Durandal inside his mind, is beginning to communicate with him through his implants. Or perhaps he chose to return to gather more information about what went wrong, now that he's decided to start actually investigating the problem instead of killing random critical characters.

Tycho is able to help us out of prison and turn some Drones to our side, letting us out to explore the prison complex. The first stop is a room where Bobs are held in cells and tortured. Some switches here will let out hordes of Bobs, who like to... well... cuddle up to you, which can be quite inconvenient, so run around until you trigger some guards to teleport in and thin out their ranks (or do it yourself). The switch on the north side of the pillar will trigger a Pfhor torture device, and the switch on the south side will open a door on the other side of the cells, revealing a pattern buffer and the rest of the level. Nearby is also a door revealing an army of Sims, and a stairway leading down to a terminal/drone-programming room and a recharger. The drones' terminals are the same as the one you read.

Above the prison, a Mother of All Cyborgs patrols the arena. You won't find enough firepower on this level to make taking it out worthwhile, so you'll have to avoid it. Head into the small passage nearby.

The stairs in this small area lead up to the eventual exit terminal (and an M-75), and a ledge you can visit to teleport in a 2x canister (where the blue fighter was). Then, pick a teleporter. The south teleporter takes you to a ledge overlooking the arena, where some careless Enforcer has left an Alien Weapon. The north teleporter takes you to a sort of watchtower in the middle, with a switch to open some doors. Through these doors are a pair of Cyborgs, as well as a switch whose function I don't remember :\

The next area is full of some rather strange assimilated bobs. They appear red on the motion tracker, and are constantly spouting the "apology" sounds. WTF? There's also an infinite supply of them. Up the stairs from here is a pattern buffer, and up more stairs is a teleporter.

Through the teleporter is an area featuring those strange lava pillars we saw on Eat the Path. Perhaps we dreamt of this level. This area is full of Cyborgs, and a number of Drones float down from a ledge. If you can get up to that ledge (the stairs are around a corner in the next room) you will find a shotgun, some shells for it, and 2x health. Also in this area are several shortcuts back to the rest of the level.

The dungeon is fairly simple: Get down the lava shaft, smash the two circuits on Tycho's core, and get out. If you go exploring, you can find scraps of ammo and a ton of cyborgs to kill, plus it will make the overhead map a hideous rat's nest. Return to the place you got the M-75 for beamout. Tycho is in control, and the Marine is obeying him, but this time things are going according the Marine's plan as well. He'll stay the course and wait for something he knows will happen soon, as it always does as events unfold: A chance to meet Thoth, the ancient Jjaro artifact who may be the only one who knows what's really going on and how to stop it. And a chance to use his secret weapon, the copy of Durandal in his mind, the master manipulator everyone thinks is dead.

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