Posted By: ZudoDate: 11/28/01 1:00 a.m.

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: To get to the interesting places, head around the bend in the lava to the
: dead end to the east, and wait for the platform to raise you. There are
: three places to get to from here. To the west, you can jump down to the
: ledge where the Enforcer was; this will give you the exit terminal to
: You're Wormfood Dude. To the south, you can reach a long ledge that
: overlooks the lava jumps you just made. Finally, if you ride all the way
: to the top and jump north, you can enter a small corridor that leads to
: some optional areas, including a place with some lava pools of the type
: you're about to encounter when you wake up on By Committee, and a secret
: room where the lava spells HOME, and turning on the switch will cause the
: ceiling to spell IN. Home in?

Almost right, but totally wrong :D

The first word, H[]ME (the O is a square), is obvious.

Hit the switch, and you get the following:
[] N (n reversed).

So the letters are 0;N, and the N is back to front. If you reflect the word on the roof, you have NO.


I think that accurately reflects the player's status, and is more correct English :D


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