Re: Finished HALO! (VSS and Spoilers)
Posted By: Hippieman [B.Org]Date: 11/26/01 9:00 a.m.

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: Personally, I like Bungie's AI fixation - but I was expecting more of a
: tie-in, I guess. Some things that didn't match up for me were the
: placement of the Marathon's logo on both the Pillar of Autumn (on the
: side, seen during the last chapter) and on the front of the Monitor (the
: 'camera' lens).

I had a conversation with a former bungie employee who said the whole halo story got explained to him by Jason, and apparently at one time the AIs from Marathon were mentioned as well as pattern buffers (The Marine was supposed to be fabricated, thus he could be recreated in time IE a pattern buffer). And didn't you think that there were lots of holographic computer terminals/switches that were never used... its like the game was supposed to be more and got dumded down.


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