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Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/23/01 9:45 a.m.

It's actually not clear who's ship you're on, but you're fighting against Tycho again, and alongside the Bobs. This level can be quite difficult, with monsters coming at you from other parts of the ship, or cutting off escape routes before you notice.

When you first enter the level, get ready to dodge the Compiler bolts coming at you through the open windows. Then head on through the major Bob/Pfhor/Compiler firefight, and reach the first terminal. Durandal says some odd things here. Blake said we were trying to teleport to Tycho's ship, but Durandal tells us to kill all the Compilers to "weaken their hold on my ship". Does this mean we're back on Durandal's ship, in one of the Compiler-infested areas? Or are these Compilers attacking Durandal remotely, from Tycho's ship?

If you run into Tycho during the level, he's very unhappy. It's already been pointed out that the vacuum sections here don't drain your oxygen due to engine limitations. Maybe the Marine just holds his breath :P

There is one major secret on this level: One of the slime rooms has a half-submerged switch in it. Punching this will open the second shaft that leads up to the terminal room, leading down to a slime deathtrap, a Mother of All Hunters, a 3x canister, and a lot of ammo. I got the 3x without taking any damage, and then immediately wasted it by falling into a slime trap and blasting my way out with grenades. Hey, it happens to the best of us :P

Eventually, you will open the two locked doors that lead into a small room near your starting point. Had you been able to get in here earlier, you would have seen an... interesting... message about Greg Kirkpatrick. Now, it's Durandal, speaking in Tycho's color for some reason, asking us to come back to his ship and kill him. This is what we wanted all along, isn't it?

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