How the needle threads...
Posted By: TychoDate: 11/23/01 7:35 a.m.

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Public Announcement

Marathon:Resurrection Public Beta 1.1.1 has been released.

Please note that you will need the full beta 1.1 before installing 1.1.1.

The Tentative Roadmap plans for another point release sometime in the new year for multiplayer fixes and cosmetic updates (such as a number of HUD problems and improvements and maybe even *gasp* red and white pickups for the SPNKR). Once the point release for multiplayer tweaks and some extra map releases occurs, we will focus almost entirely on the Demo - meaning the 4 SP maps and all the monsters that go with it.

The Pfhor will make you drool...and whimper.

You may now carry on with you regularily scheduled program


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How the needle threads...Tycho 11/23/01 7:35 a.m.
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