Another Eternal Hero Reference
Posted By: BrettDate: 11/21/01 4:38 a.m.

The very cool RPG 'Deadlands' makes an eternal hero reference. A flaw that players can select is "Veteran of the Weird West" which provides a tidy bonus of points to the character in return for accepting the results provided by a random draw. (Deadlands is Wild West-themed horror, so playing cards are often used as a game mechanic)

Most of the results are things like losing a limb, or minor (or greater!) mental problems, serious wounds, or supernatural troubles.

But draw a Red Joker, and the character us the Eternal Hero.

I'm reading from the current-edition Marshall's Handbook, but there's a description in another work that echoes the important lines ("You have died a thousand deaths") that I need to find (I'm at work and limited to the book i threw in my laptop bag) but it's either a writer sticking in a homage to Marathon and/or the same sources, or something...

Oh, and it indirectly ties Marathon back to Duke Nukem... marathon references the same sources as Deadlands, which has a fan/spokesman/constant in-jokes about Bruce Campbell, who said a lot of the lines later grabbed by iD for Duke Nukem...


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