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Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/18/01 2:27 p.m.

The second half of the Pfhor slime treatment facility is a huge dam surrounded by complexes and pipes. The Compilers apparently aren't used in this area, but they've been replaced with Drones and Juggernauts. They're not on your side in this universe, so watch out. The level name is taken from a phrase that describes what they will do to you :)

The first terminal reveals a difference between this universe and that of Marathon 2: Durandal has managed to activate the S'pht AI before Battle Group Seven arrives. He says that the next level will be an "ancient facility"... Hmm.

Near the beginning of the level, a detour leads to a slimy area full of Drones and the famous Robnar the Nar High Seer terminal. This is a peek into the life of a Pfhor named Re'eer, who has been studying the writings of the Nar, and believes that they foretell the future. He hides in his back room when he hears us coming, but we hunt him down and kill him. Oh well. Also in this area is an alternate route to farther along in the level, which bypasses the downstream pool patrolled by a pair of Juggernauts.

This area is very complex, full of twists and turns and interlocking areas. There's an outdoor area with some ammo in it. Eventually, you'll reach a small... airlock, where the slime is held at bay by some alien forcefield technology. Swim out into the upstream side of the dam, and head for the control tower Durandal pointed out earlier. A Juggernaut will teleport in, so move quickly. Each side of the tower has a switch that controls a small platform that moves up and down. These indicate the state of doors elsewhere in the level. You'll have to turn them off when they reach the top. Also up here is a pattern buffer, and a terminal that displays your attempts to shut down the dam. This may be the only time in the series when the Marine actually enters commands in a terminal, usually he just reads.

Go on through the exit door, and eventually you'll reach another highly connected area and a small terminal. Once again, the terminal comments on events in the game that happened only seconds before, like the killing of the Pfhor up on the ledge (who may be the same Pfhor who locked out the control systems). This terminal also kicks off the world-famous panel-smashing puzzle, possibly the single most frequently asked question about Marathon Infinity.

There are a few ways to get to the next area; I'm just going to jump out the window. This gives you access to a stairway to the south, which brings you up to the ambush ledge you just passed, which has some ammo. As you pass out of this area, you'll find the end of the alternate route: A slime pipe infested with Drones. In this area, there area few more secrets. Jumping to the top of the isolated pillar provides ammo. The nearby staircase leads to the top of the damn, where you will come under constant fire from Juggernauts and find a pair of fusion batteries. Not really worth it, IMO.

The last stop on this level is the panel to smash. It's hidden around several corners, next to a 1x charger, behind a panel you must raise with a nearby switch. And it's guarded bya Juggernaut. It's actually not too hard to take him out since you have dodging room, but it'll cost a lot of ammo.

The final terminal has a very familiar picture: Waterloo Waterpark. Apparently Durandal follows similar plans in every universe. Perhaps the Marine takes this to mean that nothing will change here, it's going to happen all over again: If Durandal is at L'howon, the Pfhor will eventually use the trih xeem on him, and the Marine will have failed again. But there's one more major change he could make to the universe, and he's about to go try it.

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