Real Halo Spoilers + Mara Stuff
Posted By: Hippieman [B.Org]Date: 11/15/01 9:39 p.m.


I'm at the part where the halo is going to be used as a weapon, and Cortana stops it from happeing from a little floating orb guy. Cortana informs the player that when halo is activated it destroys all life capible of sustaining the Flood. However the orb guy says that the halo had been activated before, by the Marine (Master Cheif) once before... DUM DUM DUM! So is our faithful player traveling in time? The Orb mentions there are more than 1 halo device... could we of encountered one in Marathon Infinity? It could be...

On a sadder note, still no sign of the Pfhor, S'pht, hell you name em, t hey aint there... So far the races are the Covnt/Flood/Origonal Halo Robot dudes. Still no concrete Halo = Marathon evidence... I must say I havn't been reading all the Halo stuff, including HBO, so it might be covered, until 2 days ago I thought I would play Halo on my Mac in a year from now... So I'm supprised as hell...


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Real Halo Spoilers + Mara StuffHippieman [B.Org] 11/15/01 9:39 p.m.
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