Volunteers: Acme Station
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/15/01 7:00 p.m.

A level that needs no introduction. This is one of the best of MI's levels, and possibly the most difficult vid of the series (although it's merely hard when playing a normal game). The map design is absolutely stunning, with huge views, complex detailing, and windows in nearly every wall, floor, or ceiling. Sometimes much of the station is visible.

This is also the first vacuum level since Marathon 1, but not the last. You can only use the fusion pistol, alien weapon if you have it, pistols, shotguns, and KKV here (and of course your fists). Interesting to note the appearance of Fighters. Have they ever been clearly identified as not vacuum-enabled?

We're back in a universe where Durandal controls us. This time, however, he wakes us up a bit earlier than he did before. He's trying to subvert the Pfhor orbital defenses, and possibly buy some time by interfering with their communications.

There's very little oxygen here, so keep moving. One canister is available near the pattern buffer, one near the teleporters. There are a few secrets available to help you. There are places to pick up a fusion pistol and a KKV, with ammo for both, although they're well-guarded. A double-sided switch will open a secret 2x charger near the first terminal.

The last terminal has also seen some changes since the demo; specifically the additional paragraph about the Pfhor's special ship. It's obviously Tycho, but we don't know what he's up to. Hmm...

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