Finished HALO! (VSS and Spoilers)
Posted By: Jonathan SouzaDate: 11/13/01 9:43 p.m.

After a week's worth of playing at the local EB, fending off the mitts of a guy whom probably doesn't bathe more than every other month, having the X-Box shut down after four or so hours, and enduring the commentary of the store's staff (mind you, more people watched me play Halo than you might think...). Today, I finished the game (Very Small Spolier:The Master Chief and Cortana survive), and I can now render an opinion.

I'd have to say 4.5 out of 5 stars. It's a pretty decent game, and I have some small commentary about it. Consider this....


Enough space for you? Good!

Visually, Halo is VERY impressive. The scale of the world in the game is massive-it looks like a real world when you finally land on the Halo, from the scale of a person. The enemies are very well designed, and the cut scenes are excellent. (I wanna Covenent Elite Super Deformed Plush!). And the plot, while suffering through Bungie's tradition of a poor mid-game plotline, was top notch. The game also left openings for sequls (i.e. Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo: The Special Director's Version....) I would love to see a starship combat game set in the same universe (and if Bungie won't program it, I'll get out the whip and round up some programmers).

Weapons, I liked the selection, but I wish there were a few more, like the the various toys that were proposed....like the minigun, SAM launcher, spear-gun, using the Covanant arm shield by the Master Chief. My big joy/compliant was that you had only two weapons-forced you think tactically, but I would have loved three weapons-two guns and a meele weapon ("That's not a knife, THIS is a knife" as the Master Chief pulls out a Covanant blade). The shield that recharges vs. armor that you pick up forces you to think differently-you plan your attacks with an escape route planned in advance, so you can fall back and get your shields recharged.

I'm still not happy the game was out for the X-Box first-the controller doesn't feel quite right, and there isn't the snap movement that a mouse gives to targeting. Also, the Master Chief runs way too slow-I turned over so many Warthogs so I could get somewhere in less than an hour than I care to think about.

And, we get to the vehicles....I wish we had more! I would have loved to steal a Covenant dropship, so I could take it and use it for some mission. Or get some more tank missions in the game.

And what is with Bungie and AIs? :) Cortana and Durandal are probably member of the Psychic Fiends Network, and let's not even talk about "we had to steralize the universe to save it" Monitor! Joy.

More Halo games out, soon Bungie! And, more games in this universe, I like. Hell, you have a good enough engine now, why not re-release Marathon and Marathon 2 on the X-Box? ;-)


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