Volunteers: Confound Delivery
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/11/01 6:17 p.m.

Yesterday I was at the Halo launch party, so I'll just pick up where we left off...

This level is actually a continuation of Poor Yorick; simulating a much larger structure containing both levels. The effect works better now than it did at Infinity's release because a modern computer can load levels in a fraction of a second, making the switch harder to notice.

At first I thought this level was very vague and undirected, but I didn't realize that it guides you in ways I hadn't found. You can't go anywhere until you open the floodgates Tycho mentions. The overhead view of this level is a MESS, being almost completely useless due to the tangle of paths, courtyards, tunnels, and underground caverns mashed on top of each other. This level can be completed quickly, but there's a lot of exploring available if you take the time to do it.

First stop is the terminal; don't forget to pick up the ammo in the flooded corners on the way. Tycho tells us about the ancient S'pht AI which M2 veterans will instantly recognize as Thoth (especially once they see his underground cell). Tycho also mentions the message he left for Durandal, but as this is a parallel universe it can't be the same message Durandal finds in M2. A common theme in time- and cross-universe travel is that major events and results are always the same, only the details vary.

Your mission on this level is to look at the AI and then leave. The AI is at the bottom of the tunnel system available in various water holes throughout the level. Leaving is a good bit harder, as you must contend with enemy Bobs. They are very accurate and can whittle your shields down quickly.

Eventually, you will reach a place where you must ride up an elevator and jump out a window onto a ledge. In the courtyard below is a new surprise: A cute li'l baby Juggernaut, playing with some Flick'ta. It's on your side (unless you shoot it), so let it take care of things. Jumping into the raised pool will net you a fusion pistol and some batteries, an important gain for the upcoming levels that we would have missed had we gone to Two for the Price of One.

Further on, we find a place where a terminal has been ripped out of the level, I think the text of this is on the Story Page somewhere. Nearby, big mommy Juggernaut and a pack of Hunters beat up some Bobs. If the Juggie kills the Bobs you won't get their pistol ammo, so try to get in the first shot whenever possible. A second baby Juggernaut will teleport in to assist you with the last of the mopup. "Spending" the series' most impressive monster on the fourth level? MI must have a lot more up its sleeve if they can afford to do that...

Don't forget to leave this level with a full oxygen charge, it's your last chance to get an infinite supply of air for a while. The last terminal of this level is also the last terminal of the previous level, an interesting trick. Tycho tells us some important facts in this terminal. A "massive structure" has arrived in orbit, most likely K'lia. Events have gone in a different order than that which we remember from Marathon 2: This time, Durandal manages to hold off the Pfhor long enough to contact the S'pht'kr himself, and Tycho waited too long to assist the Pfhor in subduing him. However, we also learn that Tycho has control of the trih xeem, and knowing him, it's going to be used sooner or later ("One way or another, it ends here."). There's no way the Marine can save this universe from the W'rkncacnter. Nothing to do but give up and try another one...

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