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Posted By: Cannibal HarryDate: 11/9/01 8:26 a.m.

Having read most of Fall of Reach and played a few levels
of Halo (I'd have played more, but I wanted to finish the
book first. Yes, I'm a loser...)

Aaannyway... So reading through the book, I came upon the
passage describing the rocks on Sigma Octanus that Spartan117
brought back for analysis.

"Again, a series of squares, triangles, bars and dots appeared
on the screen - symbols that again reminded John of Aztec writing"

This brings me back to Pathways and the fact that the W'rkncacnter
crashed in the Yucatan. The Yucatan being the eventual home of
the Aztecs. Now, perhaps, just perhaps, the Jjaro and the
W'rkncacnter shared a common language, and maybe, the W'rk, in
his sleeping, influenced the Aztecs themselves and shaped their
development in some ways (writing wise, at the least) and the
similarity is more than just a coincidence.

I've pretty much given up trying to tie Halo into the Marathon and
Pathways universe, but I'm thinking now, that they don't have
to be. According quantum theory, there's the possibility that there
are countless alternate universes standing right beside our own,
and a new one is created every time a decision is made or a
situation with more than one possible outcome arises.

Perhaps the Halo universe is one that's analogous to the
Marathon/Pathways universe wherein the W'rkncactner in the
Yucatan never woke up and required no Jjaro intervention on
Earth. And maybe, this is one of the places Durandal and the
10th Mjolnir came to after escaping the closure. (The caveat
here, is of course the timing factor. Seeing as Halo takes
place even before Marathon did, but then if crossing between
universes is possible, I doubt time travel would be much of
an obstacle.)

Perhaps Durandal and the 10th are the reason the Covenant hate
humans the way they do. The 10th could be seen as a Jjaro
construct in human form, and if they do indeed worship the
Jjaro (while scavenging their tech, I might add) A human doing
damage to them in the past while using that very technology and
being guided by Durandal might make them a little, uh, overzealous
in their campaign against humanity. Also, seeing the Master Chief
and the other spartans in Mjolnir armor can't be helping the
situation, as they might be the closest embodiment of the 10th
to date. (Especially the 117/Cortana combo.)

Bah, I'm probably just thinking too much.

CH (theoryboi)

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