Volunteers: Rise Robot Rise
Posted By: Rincewind MoGDate: 11/7/01 1:25 p.m.

A yellow sky.

A massive tower slowly scolls by in silence.


After the odd peace of Ne Cede Malis and the Despair Chapter screen, you end up right on a noisy Pfhor platform. A battle rages outside... between the Pfhor... and the Pfhor?

You go into the little room where there's a terminal, a pattern buffer, and sheild recharger. You get a message from Tycho, but this makes sense, as you had just escaped onto Tycho's ship.

Soon, though, things get a bit more complicated.

Tycho's been following Durandal around for the last eleven years? And now Durandal is in hiding... in S'pht ruins? On Lho'owon? But... that's...


Anyway, when I first started this level, I got confused and shot a couple of fighters. Oops.

Things went smoothly after that, though, except that I fell off the secret elevator thing about seven times before I gave up and went on without... what was in that secret area, anyway? I've gone way too long without playing. :p Wasn't it a shotgun? My memory has been reset...

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