Fall of Reach Stellar Trivia.
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Just finished reading "Halo: The Fall of Reach". I really liked this book. Very well done (except for some of the proof-reading :-). That said, I thought I would skip such things as are covered in the game "Halo" (even though I did play the coop solo demo a bit and got to explore the POA and some of the surface of the Ring). Instead I will comment on locations in the book. Forgive me if any of this has been covered already.

Trivia about the major stars referred to in "Halo: The Fall of Reach".

First, Eradinus is not a star. It is a constellation and means "River". It is just above the Horologium constellation, for those who remember the E3 Bungie booth. Here is a list with class K stars (orange sun) which might be home to John's public school:

53 Eridani (Sceptrum)
Omicron (2) Eridani (Keid) "Broken Eggshell"
P Eridani
Delta Eridani (Rana) "Frog"
Tau 2 Eridani (Angetenar)
Eta Eridani (Azha) "Hatching Place"

Any guesses? :-)

Its not Epsilon Eridani. See below.
The brightest, Alpha Eridani, can be ruled out since it is a hot white or blue star and the planet has an earthlike atmosphere.

The remaining (specific) stars are:

Lambda Serpentis, 38 LY away, close orbiting binary pair, sunlike G class, Comfort Zone would put Jerico 7's orbit at about 1.5 earth years.

Epsilon Eridani, 11 LY away, orange sun with unseen companion (now), Comfort Zone would put Reach's orbit at about 157 earth days. There is a dust ring about 60 terran AU out from the star. For those who care, this would be the star Babylon 5 orbits. Heh.

Chi Ceti, 77 LY away, binary, Comfort Zone of the sunlike component would put Chi Ceti 4's orbit at about the same as earth from Sol, meaning that their "years" are about the same. The other component is hotter and its Comfort Zone is about 2.5 AU out, so the year would be longer if CC4 were there.

Sigma Octanus (or Octans or Octantis), 121 LY away and is the Southern Pole star.


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