Volunteers: Fatum Iustum Stultorum
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/4/01 7:42 a.m.

After a very cool chapter screen and a familiar sound, we are dropped into a happy-looking, watery installation. Leaving the central platform, however, will trigger a number of monsters to teleport in, along with mysterious things that make quick work of them: The new S'pht'kr Defenders, back from K'lia. Don't piss these guys off, they are quite strong.

This level is pretty linear, requiring you only to follow a path and not get knocked off by the Assimilated Bobs teleporting in all around you (check your six often). There are also Troopers and S'pht'kr fighting throughout this level, sometimes you will run into them. Remember that A-bobs can make good weapons when aimed properly.

The first terminal has a surprise for us: Durandal is alive and kicking, and Tycho is not. One puzzling thing about this terminal is that Tycho's ship "annihilated itself". What does that mean? Surely Tycho was annihilated by Durandal... right?

The next room after the terminal has a secret: On the floor under the water on one side of the path is a small square that will teleport you to a room full of A-bobs and ammo. Don't stop moving or you will be teleported out to another room, which has even more ammo (and lots of monsters). Don't bother killing the A-bob either (unless you just want to have some fun) because they will keep reappearing.

After this area is a T-shaped room with a 2x health charger. Lock open the door leading in here for easier health recharging.

The next area is a little strange: Watery catacombs filled with A-bobs through which yu must swim. It's usually easiest to pop the Bobs from the water, but beware of any that get thrown in with you. This area has health and oxygen chargers, as well as a good bit of ammo. When you find the switch (high up on a wall), shoot it from a distance and don't approach it, or you will drop an A-bob into the room with you, who will probably corner you and explode while you wait for the door to open.

The last zone is just combat, with large amounts of monsters and a simple water puzzle to slow you down. At the last terminal, we see that our ride home has left without us (although you can't really blame them).

There's one secret on this map that cannot be reached by playing it: An odd, isolated room in the upper left corner. In it are a set of stairs leading up to a terminal hanging from the ceiling, which is a duplicate of the first terminal in the level. What was this room supposed to be?

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