Volunteers: Requiem for a Cyborg
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/3/01 7:03 a.m.

This is the last level in the game to use the Pfhor textures. Can't say I'll miss them :P The overall design of the map is interesting: It does look and feel like a spaceship, with all the overlapping areas, but the areas are filled with random polygons that don't really seem to do anything, unlike the levels set on Boomer or the Pfhor levels in Marathon 1.

The first room to secure is the bridge, with its terminal and pattern buffer. "Maximum enforcement/dismemberment" :) It's tempting to use the flamethrower on the hordes of fighters here, but the Compilers are immune to it and will make their way to the front of the crowd quickly, so use short controlled bursts.

Down in the ship's main hall, there's always one fighters at the far end who doesn't activate and stands there twiddling his thumbs while his friends are slaughtered.

There are two switches that must be hit in this first stage of the level; both of them are at the tops of elevators accessible through the catacombs off the central corridor. What they do is release large grey cylinders connected to the hull of the ship, which rise off into space. Perhaps these were meant to be connections between the Hfarl and another Pfhor ship, and your actions have freed her to be flown away by the humans.

While running around, don't forget to visit one of the funnier locations in the game, the Personality Contructs Seeking Cyborgs terminal. One bit of this secret that I have never seen mentioned elsewhere is that shooting the circuits to either side of the terminal will make the platform rise back up, allowing you to skip teleporting back to the start and just return to where you were.

The last stage of the level is the aft engineering section, filled with slime and invisible Compilers. Lure people to the door and use it to your advantage. Tying in with the previous interpretation, we could be activating the engines or removing some type of lock on them, so that the Hfral is no longer docked and under Pfhor control.

One question that remains is why Thoth of all people sent us on this mission. Surely this ancient alien AI doesn't care about the survival of the humans? Or perhaps Thoth sent us to the ship purely as a punitive action, and the humans took advantage of the chaos to board her and escape.

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