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Posted By: LophanDate: 11/2/01 7:37 a.m.

(I already posted this at the HBO forums, but since it's Cortana Letter related, it seemed appropraite to put here.)


Okay, I've been re-reading the Cortana Letters in hopes to grab one or two pieces of info that may be relevant to the Halo Story now that I've read Halo: The Fall of Reach and had a chance to see some gameplay videos. And, eureka!... I think I've found something.

(Before you flame me, this is only a POSSIBLE SPOILER because there's a lot of conjecture and fiddling that comes up with this theory).

In the 4th Cortana Letter, the first part of the message contains the following cryptic message (complete with headers):

x - process 04497.2.32.867734 initiated (process owner: BW - AI Class III - autonomous)

Route Code: PoA > BHQ (EC #42: cannot confirm; security compromised)

Source: BW-AI aboard (?) PoA

The interloper should cause no further problems. You - whoever you are (I am simply tracing route codes) - may disregard all previous communication from the entity calling itself Cortana.

Be aware that communication nodes are failing everywhere - there is no way of confirming either origin or destination. Do not believe any more of its lies.

I have already calculated all possibilities.

There is no escape.

Okay... in the Book, the AI for the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) is named "Beowulf" and this AI is (seemingly) despised by many because it is a "spook" AI (in other words, a SPY). When looking at the "Process" and "Source" headers from the above Cortana Letter, the entries "BW-AI" must stand for Beowulf.

Extrapolating from there, it looks like Cortana and Beowulf may end up facing off with each other at some point in the game. Perhaps ONI installed Beowulf on the PoA's systems to keep tabs on what the crew (and the Spartan) were up to. After all, Cortana was a 'construct' of Dr. Halsey's mind and it seemed that some of the ONI brass didn't like her much or her Spartan project. As well, Cortana was one of the "new" AIs where the ability for creativity and such is possible, whereas with "old" AIs were more linear in their thinking and processes... certainly Beowulf would likely have a certain inferiority complex with Cortana.

Perhaps others with a better familiarity of the storyline details could take this and run with it. If you are intent on playing Halo and want to get the most out of the story et al, I highly recommend getting Halo: The Fall of Reach and reading it thoroughly. There's backstory in there that you just wont be able to get from the game alone... not to mention the humor and allusions to previous Bungie games.

I hope someone can take this to the next level (assuming that I'm not full of it)... and let me repeat: I HAVE NOT PLAYED HALO SO ALL OF THIS IS JUST CONJECTURE!




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