Re: Volunteers: The Big House
Posted By: AJSDate: 10/27/01 9:19 p.m.

In Response To: Volunteers: The Big House (Mark Levin)

: Not really much to say about this level, is there? :\

: You can make it a bit easier for the Bobs by reaching through the window and
: punching any monsters you can reach, but be careful because with this much
: health you can survive exactly 1 hit. There's an infinite supply of Bobs,
: though, so they will always eventually win. On into the second half of
: Marathon 2, where Durandal's plan will finally be revealed...

Also interesting to note that if you take this rough-and-tumble route, the next chapter screen will have a heartbeat playing over it instead of the usual noise/music (which you would hear if you just sat there watching the BoBs get slaughtered).


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