Volunteers: For Carnage Apply Within
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 10/23/01 8:23 a.m.

I always had a different reading of the name of this level: Instead of a job application, I saw it as instructions for the use of a product, like a bottle of ointment or something, except written on something more violent, like a grenade cartridge.

The Enforcer trap at the beginning can be easily bypassed by sticking to the darkened ring of blue trap platforms. If you don't enter the center square, the Enforcers won't teleport in. Don't forget to grab the extra ammo near the first terminal. What's this about Traxus IV?

There are several ways to approach this level. Heading down the hall will trigger a very large ambush all around you, so I usually go out into the slime platforms first, jumping across until I can secure the "base", with its terminal, pattern buffer, and health charger all within easy reach. The fusion pistol is your best friend here, you are given more than enough ammo to keep you going. If you get knocked into the slime by a compiler, the best option is to just run for it, you can cover a lot of ground underwater (heh) and you won't trigger any more ambushes, since only the platforms are teleport triggers.

The terminal fully integrates the Jjaro into the Marathon universe, at last. Apparently Tycho is skeptical of Durandal's conclusions... Doesn't he compare himself to Doubt, in Marathon Infinity? Hmm...

While clearing out the slime area, don't forget to stop by the secret. At the west end of the pool is a canal heading off around the wall. This will lead up to a ledge that holds an Enforcer and a great deal of ammo. There was for a while a great controversy raging over whether or not the nearby slime pit held a secret flamethrower, and while it holds a good deal of ammo (which I admit I found with Forge, not in the game), there is no flamethrower present.

Getting to the final terminal will trigger every ambush you haven't defused yet. The best way I have found to deal with this horde of monsters is to run ahead to the terminal room, kill the guards, pick up the ammo, and make a stand in the long hallway leading to it. Once everyone is dead, access the terminal to hear of Durandal's last resort. And the first mention of Leela since Marathon 1. Wonder what happened to her...

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