Memories of Double Aught.
Posted By: shinerDate: 10/22/01 6:50 p.m.

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You've all brought back some great memories... those were good times.

I was lucky enough to hang out with the DA guys for a couple of years. They were so far ahead of their time it was scary. It was Greg's vision, David's artistic talent, Colin and Jihan's textures and maps, Courtney's music, and Chris and Nick's programming. There was so much talent assembled that to me, Duality was a golden child.

Honestly, there were times they didn't get along. I remember not knowing why everyone was pissed. I remember being told "don't worry about it" and "everything's okay". Unfortunately, I was just a spectator noticing problems, powerless to do anything. I guess some things aren't meant to be. No matter how perfect the team, no matter how perfect the talent.

Overall, I miss those guys. They were gifted and intelligent people making an incredible game. I consider myself lucky to be part of Duality, the best game never published. I don't know if all of DA would agree with that, but I had an unusual view. I was an outsider on the inside and I saw a game that could have surpassed what Marathon achieved. Who knows what could have happened afterwards.

BTW, thanks to this thread, I dusted off my Duality history disk. Cautiously I put it in my Dell. Gingerly, I launched the installer. For the first time in two years I launched the OpenGL version Duality. With my eyes closed I hit the "New Game" button. To my amazement the level loaded and played without crashing. It's playable with the current opengl and a geforce.

Hear that Guz? You da man. :)

Oh yeah.. I still use the PC in this picture... it's an accounting workstation and it still has a Duality sticker on it. [Jihan Kim & David Longo]


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