psykosonik has disbanded
Posted By: Hugo ForssDate: 5/19/01 1:42 a.m.

i just got the latest psykosonik/hednoize - newsletter. here are a few lines from that letter:

" Here is the latest news from my world!

The bad news….

I regret to inform you that Psykosonik has disbanded. We would like to thank all of you for your support over the years.

The good news…

I have a new solo project called PsykoHed. The first new track entitled "Tapeworm" is now available for your listening pleasure on mp3.com! As a part of this list you will be one of the first to hear it. Play it often and contribute to my latest endeavor. Click on the link below or paste it in your browser to go to my page on mp3.com.

There will be more songs to come, as well as a possible CD. Check the PsykoHed page often!  I will of course let you know when a new track is available.
As always I thank you for your continued support and remember to SPREAD THE WORD!

Daniel Lenz "

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