And the Answer is...................
Posted By: Alfred MordeirDate: 10/19/01 12:20 p.m.

In Response To: New Marathon Riddle (Alfred Mordeir)

I threw a bit of a curve ball on this on. The answer is......
"The Pfhor"
: I am emancipator
The Pfhor emancipated (freed from slavery) Durandal when they attacked Tau Ceti, though not their intent.
: I am unifier
: I am rescuer
The S'pht were going to destroy themselves in war before the Pfhor came down and enslaved them, Before that however the remaining ten clans unified.
: and slaver Thats right. I said slaver. So what?
This is actually a durandal quote, I bet I fooled a lot of you.
: I hold the ultimate power in my hand, a gift from the Jjaro.
What else could it possibly be but the "Trih Xeem", invented by the Jjaro, found by the Pfhor.

This one was tough so I must be on the right track

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