Marathon Infinity Questions
Posted By: Jeff NosanovDate: 10/18/01 1:17 p.m.

Hello everyone. I have been thinking recently, after a conversation with another player in a Marathon: Resurrection game, about the 'time'line (if such a word can be used in the situation) of events in Marathon Infinity. Is there a part of the story website that goes in depth into this? It occured to me that, in my dozen or so completions of the game and my hours and hours of reading the website, I have never really been clear about what the hell is going on. I am not sure whether the some of the events of M:I happen before, during, or after M:2. I know the capture and destruction of the wrkcacnter happens after M:2, and I am pretty sure that the first level of M:I, when the player wakes up on that station, would have to take place after M:2... after all I was under the assumption that star "there is a rogue star that has been passing through our galaxy for nearly a millenia" that Durandal refers to in the last terminal of M:2 is the star that the station in the beginning of M:I orbits. What do you folks think?

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