Volunteers: Charon Doesn't Make Change
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 10/9/01 4:06 p.m.

Another very big level, continuing (and establishing) the Marathon 2 tradition of levels with a lot more to do in them than accomplish the mission. Charon's main mission area is in the basement of the central building, the underground computer center, and the small sections of the buildings you get teleported around in afterwards.

The first stop on this level is the world-famous Pfhor Teleporter. On this run, the fighters awoke normally and ran to the teleporter, but they didn't leave! They all just sat there waiting for beamout. So I killed them all.

The ground floor of this level is quite complex, with a number of secondary rooms you would only find if you took an alternate route down from the start. Don't forget to go back and read the terminal if you didn't, it provides more information about your mission and what you are doing here.

If you explore the slime canals running around the level, you'll find another new monster: The Tick. These things are mostly ambient life but they can actually be useful on higher difficulties (see below).

Once descending to the basement, you find the the focus of the story side of this level. First of all, entering this lab will cause the entire level to slowly flood with slime. The cause of this is explained on the red terminal, but the real reason will not be revealed until well into Marathon Infinity. Secondly, we read of a Pfhor scientist's investigations into the Flick'ta. A link between the S'pht and the Flick'ta? Hmm... When exploring this lab, make sure to take care of the Flick'ta that ambush you as soon as possible; if the water rises above your head you'll have to punch them out. At the other end of the basement is a set of hexagonal stairs leading up to a 2x health charger, an oxygen charger, and some ammo. The slime will eventually rise to chest height in this room, so make sure you pick up all the ammo before it is hidden from view. Near this place is a passageway leading to a small tunnel system infested with Flick'ta and Ticks.

Going back to the main basement room, we continue through the teleporting terminal (another new M2 feature: intralevel teleport) and into the hidden computers. This place will also flood after you arrive, so move fast. If you're playing on TC, take advantage of the Ticks' explosive deaths, they do quite a lot of damage. Clear out all the Flick'ta, and begin Durandal's search into S'pht history. On the way back, through the teleport terminals, you will be given a chance to jump to a platform with some oxygen and ammo; don't forget that it is possible to jump back from that platform and continue on the correct path. Your final destination is back in the underground lab.

There's one more place to look at before we leave. Jump into the large canal at the north end of the main complex and swim east. You will find a small passageway. This place is a very nicely designed trap. A lone Flick'ta stands in your way, blocking access to the elevator out. He's submerged, so you have to punch him. If you take too long, several more Flick'ta will catch up from the canal and start ripping into you from behind. If you don't move carefully, you will get trapped in a nearby vent and forced to swim out very slowly, which also gives the Flick'ta time to catch up. If you are on TC and get caught by any of these sub-traps, there is a good chance you'll run out of oxygen before extricating yourself. The reward for all this is a bit of ammo and a way back to the tunnels near the 2x charger (or you can jump from the ledge to the main area).

On to the next level, and the next chapter too...

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