Re: Mk V Cyborg?
Posted By: Cunbelin the InsaneDate: 9/22/01 1:34 a.m.

In Response To: Mk V Cyborg? (Anaphiel)

: If the player in the Marathon series is the tenth Mjolnir Mk IV cyborg, and
: the player in Halo is a Mk V, it's reasonable to assume that the events of
: Halo take place some time after the launch of the Marathon. kind of hard
: to get more detailed than that though.

Well yes and no, it only proves that it took place after the development of Mark IV cyborgs. Of course something to note that the cyborg isn't confirmed as a Mjolnir, simply a Mark 5. I bring this up because of the difference in the methods of creating the cyborgs, a dead soldier was used for the Mjolnir, as the Halo cyborg, or the mark 5 are apparently raised from birth to be soldiers and are very much alive when implanted.

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