Common sense rears its ugly head
Posted By: MiguelitoDate: 9/21/01 9:27 p.m.

In Response To: So... (Claude Errera)

: Whether you think it's a good thing or a bad thing that someone messed up and
: allowed this much of the Halo backstory to be discovered at this early
: date, the fact remains, it's out there. The next question is... how do we
: reconcile this information with Comments like this the Marathon logo,
: still prominent in the Halo logo the total lack of overlapping reference
: points? I'm confused...

In my mind, a 'game' can be divided into 2 parts... the intentional 'official' stuff, and the sneaky 'off-the-radar' stuff. Being Bungie heads, we maybe forget that the 2 sides usually don't mingle together.

You've read the backstory (I haven't, I really don't want to spoil what little surprises I may still find), but that's only the official stuff, I suppose. What I saw with my own 2 eyes shows more connections than it seems you are led to believe in the backstory you've read. So I can only assume we are witness to two different sides of the same coin. :)

- Mig

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