Mk V Cyborg?
Posted By: AnaphielDate: 9/14/01 5:49 a.m.

xbox.ign.com have posted a series of hands-on previews of Halo, and aside from raving about the gameplay, graphics and sound they also drop a few story details, including this tidbit:

"...the main character, your Mark V cyborg/badass, ..."

Everyone has hinted at links between Halo and Marathon and wondered where Halo fits in the Marathon timeline (if at all), and this might be the first tangible evidence of such linkage. At the very least it fuels the speculation.

If the player in the Marathon series is the tenth Mjolnir Mk IV cyborg, and the player in Halo is a Mk V, it's reasonable to assume that the events of Halo take place some time after the launch of the Marathon. kind of hard to get more detailed than that though.

Now if only we can disprove the Gamespot report that the cyborg is named "Master Chief". Sounds like a kitchen appliance or a masked wrestler.

xbox.ign Halo preview

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